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RUDE coffee table
design by Studio Oxi

Made entirely using artisanal methods. Top veneered in sliced oak trunk, debarked and sanded by hand. Variable diameter depending on the cross-section of the tree trunk. The thin metal support has chromatic variations obtained by hand, through special, unique and unrepeatable procedures. There different shapes and colors make each object a unique and original piece.


Technical data sheet

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Leg Finishes


081 Silver Corten

082 Bronzed

085 Burnished

086 Mottled Corten

087 Corten

088 Noir Sablè

Top Finishes


111 “Oak” trunk slice

112 “Smoked Oak” trunk slice


061 Bianco Gesso

062 Grigio Fumo

063 Ardesia

071 Vinaccia

075 Polvere

078 Cioccolato

079 Avorio

Technical Data
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