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BOOKTREE bookcase
design by Kostas Syrtariotis

Booktree is a domestic bookshelf, a natural presence that climbs up the wall. It is beautiful even alone, but it is also more beautiful to see with books, objects and memories on the branches. Made entirely of solid wood, Booktree distinguishes every room with a touch of freshness, like opening an imaginary window into the world of fantasy and creativity.
The surfaces allow her to feel good in any place and to grow together with the residents. Discreet, but never unnoticed and ready to accompany any adventure and journey that is called “life”.


Technical data sheet

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Frame finishes


106 Natural Ash

108 American Walnut

110 Knotted Oak

Embossed Lacquer

201 Neve

202 Magnolia

207 Sabbia

212 Senape

214 Terracotta

218 Cacao

240 Cipria

242 Ciliegia

244 Prugna

260 Blu notte

263 Oceano

269 Acquamarina

270 Carta da zucchero

272 Foglia

274 Salvia

277 Smeraldo

281 Ghiaccio

283 Cenere

288 Lavagna

Technical Data
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