Our choice of sliced wood finishes is the result of careful selection, and we only use the very best part of the wood. We use a two-component water-based varnish to protect all of its qualities and natural properties such as its colour, grain and knotting. This also adds a touch of authentic beauty. Wood is a natural material and thus there may be different grain patterns or the colour shades may vary on different parts. Interna8 does however perform very rigours checks on its finishes and wood bonding as part of its production cycle, to reduce any problems to an absolute minimum. Over time, the initial colour of the wood may change; this is a guarantee of the beauty of this natural material and should never be considered a defect. For this reason, we do recommend positioning new units next to units bought in the past, as they are more than likely to be a slightly different colour. This is because the older unit will have been exposed to light which will have altered its colour, due to it being photosensitive.


Natural stone endowed with great brightness and extreme elegance, able to make the environment in which it is placed particularly luxurious. Color and veining change according to the type and origin of the marble itself. Each product is obtained from the section of a marble slab. Each cut will therefore be different from the other, giving the product unique and unrepeatable characteristics.

Embossed Lacquer

The colouring has a slightly textured feel and is extremely long-lasting. This effect is created using a spray varnish which contains special micro granules and is applied in layers. The drying process creates long-lasting protection.


Our metals undergo artisanal finishing work, for a unique, one-of-a-kind product. This process leads to products in different shapes and colour which are susceptible to changes in tone and evenness, with chromatic shades that differ between products. For this reason, any differences with respect to the sample should not be considered a defect but rather a virtue that makes each and every piece entirely unique and original. All of our metal products are treated with special materials so that the corrosion and rusting obtained using artisan technique are locked in and do not release any impurities. The result is a textured surfaced, but one that is pleasant to the touch.


Elegant decorative cladding. The product has been formulated to achieve an innovative, decorative look with a unique metallic finish that is perfectly smooth, just like a sheet of foil.


All of the fabrics in our collection are certified following testing of their tear strength, tensile strength and rubbing fastness. However, you must follow the maintenance advice on washing and cleaning provided on the relevant product data sheets. The fabrics may present differences in colour shade owing to the different production baths. The company may not be held in any way liable for such variations. The fabrics may be subjected to changes in colour if exposed to sunlight over time.


All of our leathers comply with the provisions of the Washington Convention. The leather is 1.3-1.5 mm thick with a slightly corrected grain, made from bull hides from both within and outside of Europe. The print is Madras; the hides are chrome tanned, barrel dyed with aniline, and the leather dressing is water-based with a single colour pigment. This leather is soft to the touch and slightly greased; its characteristics make it ideal for modern upholstery. Leather normally has some imperfections such as marks, wrinkles, and differences in shine or colour tone; these should not be considered as defects, but rather distinctive features of the leather that make it unique and naturally charming. The leather may be subjected to changes in colour if exposed to sunlight over time.


For those who prefer not to use products of animal origin, Leatherette is an excellent alternative thanks to its outstanding workmanship and extremely soft tactile feel. It has a similar look and feel to leather, achieved exclusively using materials such as synthetic fibre and polyester. It is fully fireproof, does not absorb liquids and it offers good tear strength.


This is a wallcovering that comes in a vast array of colours. It offers excellent hold and durability, perfectly combining design and purpose. It offers a wealth of functional properties and the cotton substrate makes it especially robust, as well as being hard-wearing and fireproof. It does not discolour and it is resistant to scratches and knocks, providing extra protection against stains and chemicals. This ensures it meets even the most stringent safety requirements.


These finishes are textured and achieved strictly using manual application techniques. They consist of a single-component pre-mixed powder made up of special cements, resins, additives and selected quartz aggregates. Simply by adding clean water, we are able to create a creamy paste mix that is easy to apply, offers good adhesive strength and is flexible. The end result is a thin, textured layer that offers good protection and resistance to accidental knocks and scrapes.

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