Our story has its roots in G&F srl, founded in 1974 in the historic city of Sacile, 50 miles north of Venice in the fertile lands of north-east Italy.
This area is known for being the manufacturing homeland of high-quality furniture for interior design projects. G&F srl is a long-standing tradition in the furniture services sector.
It continues to play an important role as a point of reference for production and commercial businesses in the sector.
All of this is what provides the foundation for the INTERNA8 collection, created out of artisanal skill, experience and a wave of innovation.
This business project takes high-quality raw materials and combines them in new and original ways, drawing together artisanal skill and technical innovation. The brand is modern, without neglecting its roots and journey to date.
It brings to life unique pieces of furniture that meet the needs of its customers, who are increasingly attentive to quality and keen to create their own, personalised furniture solutions that stand the test of time.

Unique Creations

Thanks to our 40 years’ experience in the artisanal production industry, as well as the exceptional quality of the materials we use and the unique nature of our stylistic pairings, we are able to offer original creations and all 100% made in Italy.
Furniture and furnishings with perfectly neat lines represent our quest for elegant, sophisticated design that never dates or goes out of fashion.
Each and every item has a story to tell, a creative journey that is gradually uncovered as it interacts with the living space, adding real appeal and character.

Tunkey Projects

Our artisanal skill and creative style make even the most complex of projects unique and personal.
Given our proven experience in the furniture services sector, particularly in providing turnkey solutions, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Whether our customers need one piece or thousands of pieces, we are able to personalise each and every decorative item, packed with innovative, high-quality, user-friendly features (e.g. for shops, science and technology museums, art exhibitions, villas, resorts and ships).
We provide support when it comes to designing and creating prototypes, complementing our artisanal skills and knowledge of the sector with in-depth research into alternative materials such as glass, plastics, metals, fabrics and more.
The full manufacturing process is performed to a high professional standard, in compliance with European and international regulations. This is to ensure the customer’s standards and needs are met.