The exceptional quality of the artisanal techniques we use, and our consolidated experience, together with the unique nature of our stylistic pairings and chromatic choices are what ensure that these creations are of the very highest quality, 100% made in Italy and expertly studied in collaboration with accomplished designers.

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  • Storage Units
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  • Bookcases
  • Coffee tables
  • Chairs
  • Poltrone e Pouf
  • Sofas
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  • Mirrors

B220 sideboard

COCO sideboard

GLAM sideboard

GLAM sideboard

GIN drinks cabinet

GIOIA dresser cabinet

GREAT table

PATCH table

LAAMA table

VERO table

GROOVE bookcase

BOOKTREE bookcase

VERO booktree

RUDE coffee table

VERO coffe table

FRANK sgabello

SALLY chair

HARRY chair

JAMES chair

EMILY chair

EMILY chair with armrests

EMI poltrona

GIOIA pouf

COZY sofa


BREEZE mirror

COCO mirror

GLAM mirror

GRIFFE mirror

MOON mirror