A new way of living and working

How will the living spaces of the future be conceived? And how will we live them? Will it still make sense to distinguish between outdoor and indoor, between private space and workspace? During the Milan Design Week 2022, Interna8 presents, in collaboration with Archiproducts, a selection of its best creations, the result of the unique combination of precious raw materials, craftsmanship and technical innovation. Each Interna8 work has a story to tell, inspired by the places where the company has its roots: natural and urban landscapes, art and culture intertwine with each other and are filtered by the company’s craftsmanship, which gives life to a creative path aimed at enhancing the living space, enriched with charm and personality, open to the possibilities that the future holds.

Future Habit(at)

“Future Habit(at)”, the new layout of the Archiproducts exhibition in Via Tortona 31 in Milan, is the ideal setting in which to present Interna8 products: the latest furnishing trends are concentrated in the Archiproducts Design Center, between furniture, lighting, bathrooms and kitchen areas, furnishing fabrics and technological devices.

The creations of Interna 8

It is a stimulating interactive and multimedia path in continuous evolution, developed inside a 600 m2 house where the design and living of the future are faced as a real ecosystem, as the result of the osmotic exchange between different worlds but in constant dialogue with each other.
The works signed Interna8 will be exhibited in room n. 10, while the custom furnishings made for Archiproducts will be found in rooms n. 3, 11 and 14.